For Stephan, like many other artists, the atmosphere in which to create is of basic importance. Therefore he has chosen for his residence and lab an old country house in the woods on a splendid hill top facing Perugia


The view you enjoy from the wide windows on three sides of the lab is the best a craftsman with the passion for wood can ask for and make the many hours spent there to invent and realize his creations even more fun and productive.

WOODEN CREATIONS BY STEPHAN STRASMANNThe opposite side of the entrance of the lab leads to the storage which largely consists in tree trunks, artifacts and other wooden objects which wait Stephan’s creative impulse to be brought back to life.

The lab is situated on the grounds which include Stephans rural country houses, where there are lovely appartments to be rented as Bed&Breakfast; for information please refer to the CONTACT page.